SEFARI – Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes

SEFARI aims to deliver ‘Leading Ideas for Better Lives’, reflecting that publicly funded research in Scotland must ultimately deliver positive impact for individuals, whether in Scotland or elsewhere.

As a collective, we collaborate to deliver the Scottish Government funded Strategic Research Programme 2016-2021 on agriculture, environment, food and land.

Case Studies

Long-term warming of the River Spey

River temperature influences biogeochemical processes and aquatic ecology.

  • Climate and the Environment

Scotland’s harmful acidic soils - Can liming improve cropping sustainability?

The Soil Survey of Scotland shows that large areas of Scotland have acidic soils. Soils with a pH less than 5.6 inhibit root growth, which can reduce crop yields.

  • agricultural systems and land management
  • Agriculture

Cadmium, crabmeat and consumer health

Crabmeat is an excellent source of protein but also provides good levels of important minerals, vitamins and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Healthier Foods

Learning By Doing: Understanding and Managing for Ecological Resilience

Our natural environment is facing threats from a range of environmental drivers, including climate change, invasive non-native species, novel pests and diseases, over-exploitation, and pollution.

  • Climate and the Environment


8 Apr 2019

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Cropping Systems

We are pleased that Bob Rees, Scotland’s Rural College is able discuss reducing greenhouse gas emissions from cropping systems. This post was originally published b


21 May 2019

A berry healthy heart study: How do berries help the heart?

Overweight men are being invited to take part in a 'berry' exciting new nutritional study, which may help find ways to decrease the risk of developing heart disease in healthy populations.

20 May 2019

Professor Lorna Dawson honoured with Expert Witness 2019 award

"Lorna's team has helped put some of the UK’s most evil killers behind bars by using forensic geology techniques to unearth vital hidden clues"


17 Jun 2019

Field Lab: Plant Teams. Heritage grains and crop innovation for crofters

Join us on the Isle of Lismore for a special crofting meeting of our Plant Teams field lab, looking at growing multiple crops together for better outcomes, also called intercropping.



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